ragnamuffin (ragnamuffin) wrote in flb_challenge,

Stowaway Fairy // Bat Love Symphony

Title: Stowaway Fairy
Challenge Title: Sound Of A Story
Book: I Was A Teenage Fairy
Character: Mab
Words: 100
Author's Notes: Mab explores the physical side of sound.

Mab spun through the night club like a flickering disco light, unnoticed in the middle of the crowd. The music vibrated heavily through the air and made flying as easy as walking on an avalanche; Mab felt drunk already, and she hadn’t stolen a single drop of liquor yet. Picking a target, she dived past waving hands and tumbled into the breast pocket of a black silk shirt, making the tiniest impact against his chest. Snuggling there happily, Mab let the drum of the dancer’s heart soak into her skin, grinning with anticipation as it grabbed control of her body.

Title: Bat Love Symphony
Challenge Title: Sound Of A Story
Book: Dangerous Angels
Characters: Cherokee and Raphael
Words: 100
Author's Notes: I wrote this a long time ago, back when someone else had a community like this, but I don’t think I ever posted it. It seems to fit the challenge, though.

Cherokee whirled and spun in a hurricane of white and gold, one that seemed to absorb the electric vibes of the guitar she danced to and transform them into a symphony of her own. Her bare feet stomped into the sand, the bells around her ankle sang, her hands drummed on her tamburine and the beads that were braided into her hair jingled as they met mid-air.

Laughing, Raphael caught her in his arms and pulled her close, kissing her joyful face. “You’re my favourite song,” he said warmly. The vibrating strings of his guitar were silenced against her tummy.
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