loveisthenewpnk (loveisthenewpnk) wrote in flb_challenge,

Lonely Sound

Title: Lonely Sound
Challenge Title: #10 Sound of A Story
Book(s): Missing Angel Juan
Character(s): Angel Juan
Word Count:100
Author's Notes: This is my first drabble, and it's been awhile since I've written anything that wasn't for school. Constructive criticism is very welcomed!

The sound of rain mingled with the cries of tree spirits as the storm raged on. The boughs that held his treehouse swayed in the tempest winds as Angel Juan felt a pain unlike any he’d ever felt before. He could feel a heart ache pounding and reverberating against his chest like the sound of a snare drum dismantled and flung against the wall. He could hear painful thunder ripping through the air like a photo ripped to shreds. His arms felt sore from black and blue bruises that weren’t there. Nina Bruja, he whispered. But Witch Baby didn’t hear.
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