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"Homes and Hearts"

Title: Marina Mermaid
Challenge: Homes and Hearts
Book:(take a wild guess...and...)Wasteland
Charachters: West/Marina(little Lex)
Word Count: 114
Notes: I've been wanting to participate for so long, which is why I'm putting in a long story, I guess. Hi, everybody!

Marina stands at the edge of the ocean, a baby doll clutched to her-as if she and Lex had had a kid, West thinks. She is crying, he sees, and he wants to go to her, but she wouldn't let him. Last night was the begining, they were in for a long ride-this just another step. She was wearing a big, baggy sweatshirt with designer-looking jeans: the old and new Marina together at the ocean. Her home; she should have been born a mermaid-she and Lex-happy and free. Then her heart would be free too. Not trapped in a baby doll with blood and tear stained notes.
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