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Title:In Pieces
Challenge: Mirror Mirror
Book: Missing Angel Juan
Characters: Witch Baby
Word Count: 100
Notes: I dont think i did too well but i tried, i also feel i didnt do well with my imagery, but please let me know so i can do it again lol

Witch baby wrapped herself inside the crushing folds of the purple silk. Her lanky arms tried so hard to grasp her tiny body, shaking away a feeling of self-doubt, only to bubble up again in the most remorse way. She finally slide to the ground, still holding on for dear life, the bones they only broke louder, squeezing the breath out of her concave chest, “breathe only for one more day” Crack, shatter and all was broken in front of her. It was just a mirror, but she saw more then the reflection would allow her to feel. Only Herself.
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