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Three Prompts, Three Stories-A Warning

Hey! I was home sick today, and loved all of the pictures, so I wrote three stories. I hope you all like them! Brownie points to anyone who knows where the "Classic" and "Todd" quote-cuts are from! You probably won't, I think I messed them up....Oh well! Good-night!

Title:Old Age
Challenge: Mirror, Mirror
Books: The Weetzie Bat Series
Prompt: Picture Three
Word Count: 100
Notes: Disclaimer to Francesca Lia Block. Probably set before "Necklace of Kisses".

It was her anniversary tonight-ten years.

Weetzie was thirty, a mother of two. How long ago were high school and Duck hunting with Dirk! Dirk and Duck were all grown up now and considering adoption. Weetzie found herself a few more lines and wrinkles older; she changed her dress style again. Tonight-in fact, she was going for a Mary Pickford look. Classic-old, like she was getting?

"Lanky lizards!"

What did "old" matter? She was hppy-with My Secret Agent Lover Man and two girls. Old age only meant she had stayed with them-her friends,family-and had gotten to love them. And would for some time.

Title: The Dress of Doom
Challenge: Mirror, Mirror
Book: Violet and Claire
Charachters: Violet and Claire
Prompt: First Picture
Word Count: 100
Notes: Inspired by the first picture.

We'll go back, Violet said, make movies for the fun of it.

They made a movie about faeries, with Claire starring and Violet directing. Before, Claire designed the dress the lead would wear. And she thought that would be Violet.

"Pull!" Violet yelled. The dress was a pouffy, blue number, very skinny. The zipper, though, would not fit over Claire's waist. Violet yelled obsenities as Claire winced each time the zipper moved.

Somehow, they got the dress on, collapsing on the sofa with laughter.

"I love you-you pretty, fat cow," Violet giggles.
"I love you-my ex-druggie party girl," Claire teases.

A mini pillow fight started, "DON'T RUIN THE DRESS!"

Title: Gal Pals
Challenge: Mirror, Mirror
Book: I Was a Teenage Fairy
Charachters: Barbie and Mab
Prompt: Third Picture
Word Count: the monster-114
Notes: Inspired by the second picture. I know I spelled "crocidiles" wrong; forgive me-it's late.

Barbie was crying softly, holding herself up against the mirror wall. She should have known, should have seen that her name on his arm would fade, she too would be erased from Todd. Griffen had tried to comfort her, but he had to leave too-back home to his boyfriend. Besides it was Selene Moon's big opening of her new book.

And here she was, crying in the bathroom.

"Stop that!" came a voice from her purse, "You knew he was a croc."
"Mab!" Barbie shouted, unsnapping her purse.
And there she was-Barbie's best friend and the exact one she needed now, the one who gave her strength.
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