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Girl In The Mirror

Title: Girl In The Mirror
Challenge: Mirror Mirror
Book: Echo
Characters: Echo
Word Count: 100
Notes: Echo compares herself to her mother while looking in the mirror. (Sorry I haven't posted in forever, my life's been crazy for the past month and a half)

Echo pressed her hand against the cold glass and stared, wanting to see someone else looking back at her. But only a small, plain girl, sad-eyed and elfin, met her gaze. If she could, she'd rip out her toxic green-dyed hair and graft her mother's cascading strawberry waves to the scalp. Incinerate her palid skin until it transformed into smooth honey-tan radiance. Shredding her body open,tearing out everything that was her own--anything, anything,to look like the goddess who bore her. Uncaged tears blurred the reflection,for she knew this wish would never come true.
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