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Reclaiming Beauty

Title: Reclaiming Beauty
Challenge Title: Mirror Mirror
Book: Baby Be-Bop
Characters: Gazelle Sunday (Dirk's great-grandmother)
Words: 100
Author's Notes: Gazelle tries on the genie's dress and rediscovers her own beauty.

She couldn't believe what she saw in the mirror. The cream-satin dress, soft and pure as innocence itself, enveloped her body in a silken swirl. Her face, illuminated with a joy long-forgotten, shone like the tiny crystal beads studding the gown's surface. She reached up and caressed her cheek, imagining the touch of a lover, of the man who had given her this greatest gift of all. Gazelle's aunt had always said that the body was something dirty, shameful, tainted by blood and desire. But for the first time, Gazelle felt truly beautiful, her body telling a story.
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