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Until The End

Title: Until The End
Challenge Title: In The Crystal Ball
Books: Dangerous Angels
Characters: Cherokee and Coyote
Words: 100
Author’s Notes: Cherokee goes to visit an old friend, some decades after Cherokee Bat and the Goat Guys, when she is all grown up and he is an old man.

Cherokee’s feet followed the old track almost by themselves. Coyote sat waiting outside his house, shadows deepening the lines in his skin as the sun set. Cherokee sat down in silence by him, watching. “How are you doing?” she asked when night fell. “We are all doing very badly,” said Coyote, his voice soft and sad like the wind in the trees. “Have you lost hope?” Cherokee asked anxiously, but Coyote smiled, making his face look like cracked desert ground. “Hope is the last thing to go, child. I won’t give up on Earth before Earth gives up on me.”
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