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Dancing The Dress

Title: Dancing The Dress
Challenge Title: New In Fairyland
Books: Baby Be-Bop/Cinderella
Characters: Gazelle/Cinderella
Words: 100
Author's Notes: Gazelle, Dirk’s great grandmother, goes to Cinderella’s ball. These girls both find their freedom in a magical dress, in a figurative sense, and I thought that was something neat to work with.

She came to the ball full of sin but wrapped in silk; the devil’s bride dressed in cream-coloured hope. Drawn by the music and a longing to dance, she hoped to escape the wicked one’s curse.

Girls gasped and lords stared when she stepped up the stairs; rose-covered, fair, strewn with dawn’s last stars. As silence fell the prince lifted his gaze, and the heartbeat he skipped urged him; “Make her dance”. Asked for her hand, she gave him it all; her body and soul; dancing a love that streamed back through his arms.

At midnight, sin fled her world.
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