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True Beauty // Queen In Her Land

Title: True Beauty
Challenge Title: Mirror Mirror
Book: Girl Goddess #9
Characters: Lady Ivory and Alabaster Duchess
Words: 100
Author's Notes: The awesome zinesters write for Girl Goddess #10 about a matter that is close to their hearts.

The glossy magazine girls are throwing away their bodies in the search for beauty’s shape. Like little lost caterpillars, they shred their cocoon again and again, not knowing that these are the wings they were meant to bear. Their transfusion into exuberant butterflies passed them by; they should be indulging in the display of their adolescence. Instead they will themselves to resemble the bony memories of their genderless youth. If they could see past jutting cheekbones and protruding ribs like claws of fear, they would find the goddess they were meant to be; soft, delicate outlines wrapping up their womanhood.

Title: Queen In Her Land
Challenge Title: Mirror Mirror
Book: I Was A Teenage Fairy
Character: Mab and Barbie
Words: 100
Author's Notes: One possible story behind the first picture. Probably set after the end of the book; Barbie confronts her child modeling past to decide her own future.

Mab flew among silvery screens and dark camera lenses that stared at her; mouths waiting to be fed. Two thin lines of angry light were reflected in the dark glass. “Why did you want to come back here?” Mab grumbled, settling on top of a dusty cage that looked abandoned in the unused studio. No one had been here for weeks. “To create myself,” came her friend’s voice. Mab turned and saw Barbie standing in front of a camera with the self-timer blinking, stunning in royal blue silk. The flash of the blitz left only a hard-eyed, determined Selena Moon.
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