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Ready to Return

Title: Ready to Return
Challenge Title: In The Crystal Ball
Books: Dangerous Angels
Characters: Witch Baby
Words: 100
Author’s Notes: Set a few years after "Necklace of Kisses." Witch Baby, after taking some time to find herself, decides to go back to Angel Juan.

Witch Baby sat on a sun-baked desert rock, staring at the sky and pulling snarl-balls out of her short-cropped dark hair. After graduation, she'd driven across the Baja desert and through Mexico, taking photographs of dusty roadside altars and tiny children begging in the gutters, tourists shooting tequila and sad-eyed girls wearing hummingbird amulets. Living freely,tied to nothing but the road, her camera, and herself. But now, she knew it was time to return to her angel boy. They'd each learned to stand alone and now could truly love each other, without dependency or fear.
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