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100 Word Challenges inspired by FLB

To disappear or sing

To disappear or sing
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This community is for fans of Franscesca Lia Block and her writings, who feel inspired by her work and wish to write something of their own. Here you can post what we call drabbles, short pieces of fanfiction inspired by and/or based on FLB’s writings. This is how it works: every week I post a challenge, and you write 100 words about it, no more and no less. Challenges can be themes, quotes, pairings, random words or anything else I can think of. To suggest a challenge, post a comment to the latest challenge post, or e-mail me.

The point of a 100 Word Challenge is to write exactly 100 words and be creative within the limitations of that word count, so please stick to this as a rule. Hyphenated words count as one, and one-letter words (such as “a” or “I”) count as well. The title of the drabble does not count. Microsoft Word offers a reliable wordcount, and this page can be used UNLESS you use line breaks (it subtracts words for some reason). I will not control your word count, but it is an important part of the challenge.

The drabble must answer to the current challenge (keep in mind that a new challenge will be posted every week, on Fridays if possible). Drabbles posted in this community should generally be fanfiction based on Francesca Lia Block’s books or short stories. Please do not bring characters from works by other authors (crossovers) or original characters into your drabbles unless that is allowed in the current challenge. Other than that, have fun and write as you wish. Remember that a good drabble is often one that has a twist.

In the subject of your post, write your drabble’s title. If you are posting multiple drabbles, separate the titles using a slash (/).

In the head of your post, include this form and fill it out to fit your drabble. If you are posting multiple drabbles, make a new form for every extra drabble.
Title: (the title of your drabble)
Challenge Title: (the title of the ongoing challenge you're responding to)
Book(s): (if your drabble describes a story from one or several of FLB’s books, specify which)
Character(s): (specify which of FLB’s characters and/or which other characters appear in your drabble)
Word Count: (this should be 100)
Author's Notes: (anything else you feel needs saying goes here, such as warnings, explanations or requests)

If you post more than one drabble at a time, please place the extra drabbles under an LJ-cut. (If you don’t know how to use an LJ-cut, read this.) If your drabble contains elements that might offend or upset the readers of this community, please make sure it is hidden under an LJ-cut and write a warning in the Author’s Notes. Ratings aren’t necessary; readers should keep an open mind in the spirit of our heroine, and posters should be considerate.

Drabbles will be archived in the memories section of the community. Drabbles will be organized by challenges, not by authors. If you don’t want your drabbles to be archived, specify this in the Author’s Notes section of your header.

Feedback is love, and makes a community so much more fun. Be nice to each other and comment if you read something you like. If you see something you don’t like or something you think breaks the rules, e-mail me and I will deal with it. No drama please. Constructive critizism is encouraged, but please choose you words carefully. A person's writing can be very personal to them, and we don't want anyone's feelings to get hurt. Remember that misunderstandings pop up easily in written forums like LiveJournal. Don’t post any unrelated posts (meaning posts that do not contain drabbles). For promoting, see special rules.

- No promoting rating communities. No matter how FLB they are. Never ever.
- If you wish to promote an other FLB-related community or a writing/creative community, please do so a) discretely and b) only under an LJ-cut and c) only in a post that also contains at least one drabble. That means you can't promote another community without contributing to this one.
- When it comes to what communities you can promote, I'll be flexible, but if it doesn't have a direct link to this community in one way or other (style, theme, interests etc.), please contact me first.

Questions can be posted as a comment to the latest challenge post or e-mailed to the moderator.

(The beautiful background used in this community comes from the amazing Francesca Lia Block Shrine,
a should-be-sacred webpage for all FLB fans. Go visit!)